More is better? – How to be happier and prioritise the right stuff.

We live in a consumerist society where more is considered to be better. This is a society where we feel the need to buy more “things” in order to feel better about ourselves, experiment with our skin to feel prettier or imbibe an accent to sound wittier. We run around looking for that someone who will somehow complete us. This is how capitalism works, it feeds on our low self-esteem, insecurities and fears.


Capitalism creates and thrives in a consumer culture. If no one’s buying products, the system breaks down. The social effects of a society that defines itself by what it buys or possesses, not by what it creates, can be seen in widespread credit card debt and violence for the pursuit of material goods. “

This is an intriguing excerpt from a blog I was reading detailing how Capitalism works. It struck a chord. We are so busy running after material things that we’re destined to end up unhappy. Why do you think we’re among the lowest ranking countries when it comes to the Happiness Index? Even Pakistan seems to be doing a lot better than us.

It is important to shift priorities!

Yes, more is better but at what cost? What should we invest more in?

  1. Aim better!
    I think we’ve got it all wrong. We need to starting aiming better, being ambitious is great but aim for the right things. Aim to be happier and healthier instead of money. Aim to grow as a person, success will follow. Aim to create a better support system and to be one for others.

  2. Invest in experiences!
    At this point, this is the best bit of advice I can give you. Stop investing in material goods. While a house, a new car, new clothes and gadgets might have their charm and they might even make you happy for a while but how long do you think that’s going to last? And before you know it, you’re back where you started – desperately waiting in line for the new iPhone (capitalism remember?)

    Our mind is wired to get used to things after a while but you know what can actually boost your happiness? Experiences! So go ahead and plan that trip you were supposed to take with your friends or go out for brunch with your family, volunteer within your community, attend concerts and workshops!

    Diamonds Adventures are forever!

    BONUS : You will be super fun and interesting at parties with all those crazy stories. Just saying.

  3. Reset your reference points
    Here’s a little secret about the human mind, it does not think in terms of absolutes but in terms of reference points. What exactly does that mean?
    It sets unrealistic standards and sees everything in relative which in turn leads to – Social Comparison!
    Yep, this is when we start comparing ourselves and in case you didn’t know – IT IS MESSING US UP!


    My favorite example is social media and how it’s affecting our self-worth. It’s influencing how we look at our bodies, how we view others, we are beginning to compare experiences –
    You’re having a great time at your Grandma’s but as soon as you open Instagram, you see your friends posting selfies at a party. The first thought that comes to your head is “Isn’t it a weekday?” and “Why wasn’t I invited?” and just like that, your Grandma loses her value before you even begin to digest that “Gajar Ka Halwa”, you ungrateful prat.

    Social media is not all bad honestly. It has helped me cope even! We blame it for ruining our day but again, isn’t your day yours to seize?
    It’s important to realize that everything you see on social media is not true. What you see are just parts of a person’s life, the ones they WANT you to see. You don’t know what’s happening behind the camera, which is why I take regular breaks. Social media detox is Self-care!

  4. Connect more with nature and peers!
    I can’t emphasize how important relationships are! We all need some sort of a social connection to sustain ourselves. Even if you believe you’re better off by yourself just like my dad did, I’ll tell you what I told him – Curb that crap! Human race has evolved and survived for so long because of social connections and of course nature.
    But times are changing and we’re destroying both. Well done, Millennial! It’s important to address climate change and the fact that we are consciously isolating ourselves thanks to that tiny little gadget in our hand.

    Let me ask you something – When was the last time you looked up at the Sky? The last time to complemented your mum? or the last time you smiled at a stranger?
    When was the last time you felt grateful for the life you have?
    Think about it. No pressure.

  5. Treat people (and yourself) with kindness!
    Come on, you know this works. Studies show that being kind to others inevitably increases your own happiness and positive emotions! And What’s more? it increases theirs too! Also, being kind is really not that hard. We need kindness now more than ever, so practice it. Preach it. Advocate for it. Do it for Harry Styles!

There are some things you can control and some you can’t. So you could either cry in the storm or embrace it.

As long as you are of the sheer belief that your happiness depends on your surroundings and circumstances, that will be the case. But the minute you decide to own it, it’ll increase manifolds!

3 thoughts on “More is better? – How to be happier and prioritise the right stuff.

  1. Well done. That was really creative, aesthetic and above all thoughtful.


  2. lavendermistwithglitter December 6, 2019 — 9:15 am

    Lovely article…just the right mix of humour and wisdom.


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